improving city life..

Cities are getting big and busy. How to make sure they are liveable, accessible, inclusive and sustainable?



..taking a creative approach

We use Human Centered Design to find new perspectives and solutions to (urban) challenges. Doing so, we build the services, processes, policy and places that work for both citizens and city makers.

what we do

Eye openers

We present inspiring cases showing the promise of urban innovation.


We help you find fresh perspectives into your own innovation challenge.


We design services, processes, places and policy for your biggest challenge.

Hasta Colombia

Buenos, paisas!

From may 2019 I will be in Medellin, Colombia for 6 months and in Beirut, Lebanon. I hope to learn a lot about and work on current urban challenges.

Lessons so far

Cities are neither built nor changed overnight. Change comes step by step. I will share some of the steps taken in Medellin and Beirut here.

Cases and examples

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